about idq

IDQ inspires business leaders and elite sports people to be the best they can be.

IDQ is an Australian corporate training company specialising in leadership development, media management, reputation enhancement, team and culture building. It offers business leaders and elite sports people an insightful and adrenalin charged experience that can expose participants to mental, physical and emotional extremes.

Services range from presentations to unique all day events and intensive multi-day team building camps. All programs offer a complete mental, physical and emotional challenge that delivers unprecedented outcomes. Individuals will be taken out of their comfort zone, challenged at new levels, and will then regroup to unite as a more powerful force and effective group.

The innovative IDQ training experience provides adventure activities and experiential learning programs in a field environment that is designed to promote individual well-being and a winning team spirit. The IDQ team promises an atmosphere of fun and exhilaration combined with challenges, rewards and outcomes, making the experience a lifelong memory for its participants.

IDQ often shows people their true potential and capabilities for the first time by taking them on a journey beyond their here and now conscious mind. This personal realisation of strengths and weaknesses builds self-esteem and consequently significantly enhances the teamwork, the leadership and the productivity of a working group – albeit a corporation or an elite sports team.

IDQ partners with its clients and tailors programs designed to meet the desired objectives and budget. The team at IDQ prides itself on its creative flair, and past clients will testify that our innovative and unique approach to leadership development, team building and reputation management has further enhanced the culture of their organisations.